Say hello to our virtual tour!

Peer into our building from the comfort of your own device.  We take pride in our space.  We value hygiene, safety, wellness and aesthetically beautiful settings. Taking a safe, distanced tour of our facility may be necessary, and we get that!  We will be here for you when you need us most. The repercussions of COVID-19 have shown us that immersive technology is capable of supporting our community.  Memory care services are essential.  We want to continue to serve our residents and their families no matter what the circumstance may be.

Fortunately, our facility is accepting visitors and offering in-person tours.  Therefore, we suggest you schedule a visit and meet with us face-to-face!  We would love to show you the things that cannot captured by a virtual tour of the Heartwood community, like our wonderful care team. You may have a hard time appreciating the peaceful, quiet nature of our hallways.  It may also be difficult to get a good sense of our ample natural lighting.  In the meantime, enjoy our virtual tour! We hope to see you in Woodburn soon.



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